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SuperTettenJanelle  [11 jan 2014 om 01:37 ]

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SuperTettenOdell  [11 jan 2014 om 01:39 ]

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SuperTettenEzequiel  [11 jan 2014 om 05:27 ]

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SuperTettenClaribel  [11 jan 2014 om 06:47 ]

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SuperTettenKacey  [11 jan 2014 om 07:57 ]

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SuperTettenMadison  [11 jan 2014 om 08:30 ]

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SuperTettenCooper  [11 jan 2014 om 09:42 ]

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SuperTettenLaurene  [11 jan 2014 om 11:29 ]

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SuperTettenLavern  [11 jan 2014 om 12:09 ]

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SuperTettenEnriqueta  [11 jan 2014 om 15:29 ]

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SuperTettenCelia  [11 jan 2014 om 16:00 ]

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SuperTettenStephanie  [11 jan 2014 om 16:23 ]

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SuperTettenDelia  [11 jan 2014 om 16:44 ]

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SuperTettenAnderson  [11 jan 2014 om 21:17 ]

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SuperTettenTeodoro  [11 jan 2014 om 23:13 ]

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SuperTettenAntwan  [12 jan 2014 om 03:17 ]

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SuperTettenLeif  [12 jan 2014 om 06:44 ]

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SuperTettenStuart  [12 jan 2014 om 07:05 ]

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SuperTettenFelipe  [12 jan 2014 om 15:44 ]

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SuperTettenAlejandro  [12 jan 2014 om 20:38 ]

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SuperTettenChristina  [12 jan 2014 om 22:25 ]

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SuperTettenKatherina  [12 jan 2014 om 23:00 ]

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SuperTettenFreya  [13 jan 2014 om 00:36 ]

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SuperTettenCatalina  [13 jan 2014 om 10:56 ]

This Jordan shoe was made as or perhaps a gift to show thanks and appreciation to filmmaker Spike Lee. Jordan, after whom the shoes were named, was signed in 84. Nike has moved a step ahead and diversified shoes for various sports. (...)

SuperTettenJuliane  [13 jan 2014 om 18:39 ]

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SuperTettenAriel  [14 jan 2014 om 06:12 ]

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SuperTettenGeorgianna  [15 jan 2014 om 00:28 ]

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SuperTettenFay  [17 jan 2014 om 10:17 ]

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SuperTettenJami  [17 jan 2014 om 13:36 ]

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SuperTettenChad  [18 jan 2014 om 11:31 ]

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SuperTettenBarney  [18 jan 2014 om 16:30 ]

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SuperTettenDean  [21 jan 2014 om 06:20 ]

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SuperTettenTami  [21 jan 2014 om 13:00 ]

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SuperTettenHildegarde  [21 jan 2014 om 17:53 ]

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SuperTettenAlexandria  [21 jan 2014 om 23:14 ]

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SuperTettenArleen  [22 jan 2014 om 00:34 ]

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SuperTettenJacqueline  [22 jan 2014 om 07:06 ]

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SuperTettenAlecia  [22 jan 2014 om 18:22 ]

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SuperTettenColeman  [23 jan 2014 om 04:55 ]

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SuperTettenDexter  [23 jan 2014 om 08:14 ]

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SuperTettenLisette  [23 jan 2014 om 14:44 ]

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SuperTettenVivian  [23 jan 2014 om 22:07 ]

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SuperTettenRobt  [26 jan 2014 om 05:22 ]

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SuperTettenLeon  [25 feb 2014 om 06:49 ]

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SuperTettenDeana  [25 feb 2014 om 06:53 ]

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